GBC PROCUT 17P Automatic Paper Cutter

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Product Discontinued

A cost-effective, programmable 17" paper cutter for light-duty applications.

Fully automatic and programmable, the ProCut 17P Automatic Programmable Cutter delivers improved productivity and enhanced user experience. The 17-inch automatic cutter is equipped with an easy-to-use LCD interface, making cutting jobs a cinch. All steel construction promises durability and reliability, while the LED optical line ensures the most accurate cut every time.


  • Cuts up to 17.5" wide and 1.75" high
  • Full programmability up to 80 programs and 99 steps
  • Electric knife, clamp and back gauge included
  • Light curtain safety shield
  • Push-out feature moves media forward after the cut so operators don't need to reach under the knife
  • Reset button recalibrates machine for accuracy at every start-up or during operation
  • Intuitive user LCD interface
  • Two-handed cut clamp activation button


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