ImageEdge Extend Ruler Foamboard Cutting System - IESYSTEM-R

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The ImageEdge 'Extend' Ruler Cutter is the most innovative cutting system available on the market today. Each system includes two cutting heads, a box of spare blades, and two 48" rulers, which can connect together to provide a full 96” cutting length. The ImageEdge cutter is specifically for precision foamboard cutting. Combine the ImageEdge 'Extend' system with a cutting mat for the perfect large-format cutting solution!


  • Includes two cutting heads, two 48" rulers that interconnect, connector and ten cutting blades
  • Blade automatically retracts when not in use
  • Built-in compartment on the cutter for spares allows quick and easy access to replacement blades
  • Cuts foamboard up to 3/16" (.18") thick
  • 2 cutting options - one side of the cutter will cut to the edge of your image. The other will leave a 1/4" border on the print


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