Deluxe ISP 406 Stitcher - Solid Clincher - 4709123

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Heavy-duty stitcher with fixed table for flat stitching. Includes bump switch activation.
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The ISP/Interlake 406 Stitcher is a heavy duty stitching machine with up to a 1/4" thick capacity and is completely portable with a fixed flat table on a sturdy base that resists movement due to vibration or accidental bumps. It makes an attractive, heavier-duty option to standard light weight staplers. The powerful 406 Stitcher creates thousands of its own staples from the continuous wire roll without the need to stop production and reload preformed staples every few hundred. The 10" x 10" table has a 4" throat depth and its bump switch activation can be set for single staples or automatic repeat.

  • Fast 173 - 199 stitches per minute
  • Bump switch: just insert sheets to activate stitcher or use the optional foot pedal
  • Adjustable throat depth up to 4"
  • User friendly
  • Adjustable safety guide
  • Interconnect cable option for multiple unit operation
ISP 406 Stitcher Specifications
Stitching Wire .25 gauge (.020 diameter)
Maximum Thickness 1/4"
Stitch Capacity Min: 2-30 sheets / Max: 31-60 sheets
Speed 173 to 199 stitchers per minute
Overall Dimensions 10" W x 22" H x 15" D
Electrical 115V, 60 Hz
Net Weight 25 lbs.

Don't forget your stitching wire!


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