KW-TRIO 13021 37" Large Format Rotary Trimmer

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KW-TRIO's 37" professional rotary trimmer WITHOUT STAND

The KW-TRIO 13021 wide table rotary trimmer design incorporates many features to simplify your trimming requirements. Features include a 37-inch cutting width, solid steel base for stability, solid steel semi-self-sharpening blade for clean, precise cuts, "sure grip" cutting head and edge-to-edge cutting grid for accurate alignment of your paper stock. Trio Rotary Trimmers are best used for extremely accurate cutting applications. Sizing photographs or delicate invitaions is a perfect example of how these cutters show off their unique capabilities. The automatic paper clamp engages at the start of the cutting operation. The cutting surface includes cutting templates for A3 to A6 sizes and both horizontal and vertical hash marks in millimeter and inch increments.


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