Lassco EBM-2.1 Single-Spindle Tabletop Paper Drill w/ 2" Capacity

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The EBM-2.1 is a tabletop single-spindle drill with a 2" drilling capacity. Features an 'E-Z Glide' traversing table for easy multi-hole drilling.
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The Lassco Wizer Spinnit® EBM-2.1 Paper Drill is an E-Z Glide table system that uses pattern bars for drilling. This allows for quick movement from hole to hole for multi-hole drilling. The EZ Glide system is operated with release levers positioned on each side of the table to provide either right or left handed operation. Adjustable side stops allow you to trap your product to prevent misalignment. The Lassco EBM-2.1 Paper Drill is extremely easy to set up and use. The EBM-2.1 Drill is compatible with Style A 2" Spinnit & Challenge Drill Bits which are available in diameter sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1/2", and in styles including standard, premium, Teflon and premium Teflon.

The Lassco Wizer EBM-2.1 Paper Drill is extremely durable and easy to use.  With a small foot print, its compact design makes it perfect for counter top use.  The EBM 2.1 Drill offers the unique EZ Glide table that is designed to keep the paper positioned in one spot while the table moves back and forth to the pre-set hole positions. This allows quick movement from hole to hole for multiple hole drilling applications.  Release levers are located on both sides of the table which allows for right handed or left handed operation.

The EBM 2.1 comes with 5 interchangeable EZ Glide hole templates that includes 4 standard drill patterns and 1 blank unit that can be used to create a custom pattern of your choice. Standard patterns include: 3 hole, 4-1/4" on center, 3 hole, 3-1/2" on center, 3 hole, 2-3/4" on center, 2 hole, 2-3/4" on center

To change the EZ Glide hole template, simply remove the locking screw from the back of the machine. Slide the template out and slide a new template in and reinsert the locking screw and you are on to the next job.

The 12x18" EZ Glide table provides a large stable work surface and includes an adjustable margin stop between the drill bit and back gauge. This allows the operator to set the gutter margin to the desired distance.  The margin stop collar guides have six adjustable positions allowing for a variety of paper dimensions up to 16" wide. Chads from the drilled paper or neatly caught in the waste bag for easy disposal. The machine also has a clear Plexiglas drill guard to provide operator safety with a clear view of the drill bit.

  • Hand Lever Operation
  • 2" Drilling Capacity
  • Adjustable margin (bit to backgauge)
  • 6 adjustable stop collar guides
  • 12" x 18" EZ Glide sliding table
  • Motor: 1/4 Horsepower
  • Overall Height: 26"
  • Weight: 70lbs.
EBM-2.1 Specifications
Max. Lift Capacity 2"
Operation Hand Lever
Drill Heads 1 Stationary
Drill Bits Included 1 @ 5/16"
Max Throat Depth 1-1/2"
Table Size 12" x 18"
Electrical 115 V, 60Hz, 5.4 amps


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