Laminating Pouch - IBM / Data Card 2-21/64" x 3-1/4" - 5 mil (100 ea) - 01120132IB

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5-mil thickness - 100-pack

IBM data card laminating pouches are used primarily for identification cards measuring a maximum of 2 ¼" x 3 ⅛". The pouch itself is 2 ⅜" x 3 ¼", offering a protective border around your card. Sometimes also called IBM butterfly pouches, these thermal lamination sheets are double sided and pre-sealed on one edge for your insert. Simple place your insert between the sheets, and run it through your pouch laminator machine. Once laminated, your card will be protected against tearing and spills, and will also be resistant to bending. The glossy finish on our quality laminating pouches delivers a high-contrast finish, while versatility in  pouch thicknesses gives you variety.


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