Laminating Pouch - True 12" x 18" - 10 mil (50/box)

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12" x 18" laminating pouches feature a sticky-back feature, that lets you laminate your sheet, and then stick it wherever you want to display it. Whether onto a window for a temporary sign, or onto a ring binder as a cover page, or anywhere else you see fit...adhesive back laminating pouches will get the job done simply and quickly. The 12x18 size is made specially for menu size sheets, so is very popular for restaurants and retail shops. The 10 mil thick film offers the perfect medium to heavy-weight finish, while the gloss helps enhance colors and contrast.
Easy to use, all you need to do is place your print in the pouch and run it through a pouch laminator. Then, just peel of the lining on the back and stick anywhere you see fit. The strong adhesive works on most smooth surfaces, providing a durable hold that will last.


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