LinKlip Sign Holder Bracket For Chain Link Fences

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Designed to securely mount signs/boards to the 4 popular chain link fencing sizes. The included bolt passes through the sign's corner holes to lock the LinKlip in place. Sold as 1 plate & bolt each.

No more struggling to hang signs or banners on chain link fences! 

LinKlip is a link clip bracket mounting system for attaching signs to chain link fence. One size LinKlip fits all four chain link fence sizes. Each LinKlip includes one bolt for fastening the sign to the fence. LinKlip is ideal for hanging corrugated plastic, metal signs, banners and substrates. LinKlips take the hassle out of hanging signs on chain link.

BOLT SIZE: 5/16 - 18 x 1, Serrated Flange Bolt

Sold as 1 plate & bolt each.


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