MondoRaxx Jumbo HD - Wall Storage Rack For Up To 7 Rolls

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Stores 7 rolls (in any width) of your wide format media on a wall, up to 10” diameter. Includes wall mount brackets only, use your 1" diameter pole, pipe, dowel, conduit, etc. for your roll width.

Save space with this large roll, wall-mount rack that conveniently holds 7 rolls of wide format media in any width you need, up to 10 inch diameter rolls. Installing MondoRaxx is super simple use mounting hardware for your wall type (not included), mount each upright strut bracket for right and left, get your preferred length 1" diameter tube rods, pipes or dowels and begin hanging your rolls. If you need to store more than 7 rolls, mounts additional MondoRaxx side-by-side along wider walls.


  • Stores 7 full width rolls of media on your wall
  • 71” tall, space them as far as needed
  • Add your choice of 1" diameter rod/pipe length for your roll widths
  • Each side bracket has 4 mounting holes
  • Rugged aluminum construction with yellow powder coating

Recommended Mounting Hardware

  • Drywall: toggle bolts 3/8" x 3 w/flat washers
  • Masonry: lag bolts 3/8" w/lag shields
  • Wood stud: lag bolts 3/8" x appropriate length w/ flat washers
MondoRaxx Jumbo HD 7 Roll Media Wall Mount Storage
Overall bracket height 71"
Maximum roll diameter 10”
Maximum roll width Any - use rods/pipes/dowels any length of your choice
Distance from wall 5.5”
Roll supporting slots 7
Rod diameter Designed for 1"
Construction Heavy duty aluminum
Mounting holes 4 per side
Mounting hardware Use proper type for your wall construction (not included)


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