Morgana 104 Squarefold

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Add increased value to your booklets by giving them a professional, perfect bound look with the security of a stapled finish! 

The revolutionary Morgana 104 Squarefold applied a squarefold finish to your booklets helping to achieve the look and feel of perfect bound books.  Added advantages of the Morgana 104 Squarefold are much less packaging capacity and the ability to print onto the spine of thicker booklets. 

The Morgana Squarefold 104 will finish up to 1,800 books an hour and can handle booklets as small as 4" x 412" up to 912" x 1234". With the easy-to-use control panel, operators can choose from four thickness options, which provide the ideal squareback binding based on the number of pages. This versatile, compact machine can be used either as a hand-feed unit or in-line with a wide range of traditional and digital finishing devices. An optional adjustable stand is also available. 


Binding: Square binding on stapled booklets

Max Booklet Size: Up to 912" x 1234"

Size Capacity: Up to 24 sheets (80 gsm paper) or 96 pages

Speed: Up to 1,800 booklets per hour

Simple, Quiet Operation: Ideal for the office environment

Compact and Rugged: Durable, with a small footprint

Modular Design: Operates as a stand-alone or in-line

Weight: 69 lbs. **MUST SHIP VIA TRUCK**


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