Muller Martini Zenith 3670, 3671, And 3672 Swing Cut Replacement Blade - Top Front - 12 Holes (M10) - High Speed Steel - KN 42617HSS, KN42617HSS

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KN 42617HSS

Replacement knife for Muller Martini Zenith 3672 Swing Cut paper cutting machines. We offer the best quality cutter knives for these cutters in several styles / locations, including these top front and top side knives for the left and right sides. These durable Jayhawk Diamond Cut replacement blades are manufactured with high speed steel (HSS); a 50/50 blend of standard grade steel and high speed steel, which is comprised of 18% tungsten. These solid, hardened D2 steel blades offer premium wear-resistance for a longer blade life. These Jayhawk Diamond Cut blades are manufactured to not just meet, but to exceed OEM specifications, ensuring extreme precision and longevity.

Product Details

  • Compatible Models: Muller Martini 3670 LONG NEW, 3671, 3672
  • Material: High Speed Steel
  • Holes: 12
  • Length: 21.26"
  • With: 3.543"
  • Thickness: 0.472"
  • Notes: Top Front (SWING CUT, ZENITH)
  • Part Number: JH-42617HSS , 42617HSS , KN42617HSS, KN 42617HSS


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