HAR Universal Fan-A-Part Padding Compound - For NCR And Other Fan-A-Part Carbonless Papers - Gallon - MG-G

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Used to glue together NCR or carbonless paper sets - works on all NCR and carbonless papers (Gallon)

For carbonless paper to multiple sets by fan-apart. Designed to work on NCR/Appleton, Mead Trans/Rite sheet stock as well as Xerox and Nekoosa. Tested to be strong, yet yeasy to fan-apart.

Use straight from the container and apply generously. Think of this as more of an activator for pre-coated carbonless papers than a traditional glue. It works on all NCR and carbonless papers

1 gallon tub (also available in quarts)

Looking for an MSDS sheet? Click the Resources tab for a downloadable PDF.


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