Challenge Replacement Cutting Knife for the 305 30.5" H, M, MB, MC AND MPC Series - Standard Inlay Steel (total length 34.75") - KN-33300 / 2238-2

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Challenge Standard inlay steel replacement knife blade for Champion 305 H, M, MB, MC AND MPC paper cutters

If you need to replace the paper cutter knife for your Challenge Champion 305 H, M, MB, MC AND MPC then you've come to the right place. At CFS Binding Supplies, we offer these Challenge replacement cutter blades that measure 34.750" x 4.000" x .375".

Buying a replacement blade for your Challenge cutting machine not only guarantees you get a perfectly square and clean cut for your jobs, but is also an importance step for preventative maintenance. Because the cutter is so powerful, the motor will actually drive even a dull blade through stacks, which is bad for the machine, wearing it down faster than normal and, potentially, causing damage and expensive repairs. Don't risk it; buy a replacement blade for your Challenge cutter online today. Or add a second blade to keep on-hand, so you are never left without a perfect cutting tool.  

Product Details


    • Compatible Models: Challenge Champion 305 CDC
    • Material: Standard Inlay Steel
    • Holes: 12
    • Length: 34.750"
    • With: 4"
    • Thickness: 0.375"
    • Part Number: 2238-2, 110440


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