Padding Starter Kit Plus - PKPLUS

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Includes Martin-Yale 1811, 1 quart of white compound, (2) brushes, and a pad knife

Thinking of trying your luck with padding? Many printers, copy shops, binderies, and artisans have become interested in creating their own pads. There are lots of user-friendly presses available to create pads, and to do so with great precision. However, there is also the need to use some specialized gear when making pads of all kinds. This is why our Padding Kit Plus is a very wise investment. The Padding Kit Plus introduces new padders to the most effective tools available. You will get a quart of our top quality HAR padding adhesive, a padding knife, and two pad brushes. If you are new to padding, we have a video that explains the process that you can watch!

CFS instructional video - how to use padding compound


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