Padding Starter Kit

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Everything to get you started making gummed pads or note pads. This kit includes: 1 quart white padding compound, a 4" Pad Counter, 3" pad knife and 2" pad brush. This compound NOT for use with NCR/carbonless paper.

Need to get started making gummed pads or note pads but not sure what you need? We've put together all the items you'll need to start padding in one simple, starter bundle. The padding compound goes on white and dries to semi-transparent, milky color.

Our Padding Starter Kit includes:

  • Quart of White Padding Compound
  • 4" Pad Counter
  • 3" Pad Knife
  • 2" Pad Brush

Tip: You can add a small amount of acrylic paint to our white padding compound to create a wide range of custom color padding compound. 

NOTE: this padding compound is NOT for use with NCR or carbonless papers.

Looking for an MSDS sheet for the padding compound? Click the Resources tab for a downloadable PDF.


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