Rapid 105 Electric Stapler / 105E / 490-2010

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Tabletop heavy-duty stapler -– up to 40 sheets of 20# paper (4" margin depth capacity).
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The Rapid 105 Stapler is configured only for flat "table" stapling jobs. It is completely portable and can stitch up to 40 flat sheets of 20# bond. Up to 4 units can be used side-by-side and connected by an opto-cable for simultaneous actuation and complete, 1-step booklet side stapling. 

  • Bump switch : just insert sheets to activate stitcher or use the optional foot pedal
  • Adjustable throat depth up to 4"
  • User friendly
  • Adjustable power and depth
  • When site shield safety guard is raised unit will not trigger
  • Opto-Interconnecting cable option for multiple unit operation


ISP Rapid 105 Stapler Specifications
Max. Stapling Depth up to 4"
Staple Limits
1/4" leg length
5/16" leg length
Sheet Capacity (20# bond)
2-20 sheets
20-40 sheets
Electrical 110V, 60 Hz
Overall Dimensions 2-3/8" W x 9-3/8" H x 9-3/4" D
Net Weight 8 lbs.


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