Akiles Roll A Coil Power Coil Inserter - 710953

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The Roll-@-Coil is ideal for low-mid-volume use and for coils ranging from 6mm to 20mm.
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The Roll-@-Coil, pronounced Roll-A-Coil, is a fast and efficient electric coil inserting machine that will speed up the process of binding, as compared with manually rolling the coils in. One stationary silicone roller and one stationary plastic roller work together to grip the spiral binding spine and roll it through your punched holes. A great addition to offices with a manual punching machine that are looking to speed up the binding process witrhout investing in a whole new punch and bind machine, or for those who want an assembly-style production line where one person is punching and one person is binding, buy the Akiles Roll-@-Coil plastic spiral binding coil inserter online and use it with spiral coils from 6mm to 30mm. This inserting machine rolls the coils through your pages, and you will also need a cutting/crimping tool to finish the coils, such as the cutter crimper pliers (not included).


  • Diameter Scale: Helps to verify the coil diameter.
  • Alignment Channel: Aides in conforming the spine of the larger documents to the coil shape, for a faster and easier insertion.
  • Electric Roll Inserter (Foot pedal operated): Allows the free use of both hand and grants the operator complete rotating control of the roller.
  • Drastically reduces time and costs by making the inserting surprisingly fast and easy.
  • Pitch Identifier: Identifies the coil pitch (spacing between holes) for any piece of coil.
Roll-@-Coil Electric Coil Inserter Specifications
Max. Coil Capacity 20 mm diameter
Inserter Activation Foot Pedal
Electrical 115 volt
Dimensions 14" W x 4" H x 9½" D
Weight 12.1 lbs.
Shipping Weight 14.3 lbs.
Warranty Manufacturer's - 1 Year Limited


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