Sooper Hinge (14" Hinge for A-Frame Signs)

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Aluminum locking hinge that converts two sign boards into an A-frame, freestanding sign - includes hardware for attaching boards.

The Sooper Hinge turns any sign boards into a freestanding A-frame display sign (similar to a sandwich board sign). Made from durable and weather-resistant, black anodized aluminum, the Sooper Hinge won't rust, crack or peel from rain or extreme temperatures. It comes with 4 bolts, washers and nuts that you use to attach your boards to the four hanging tabs - it just requires punching or drilling 2 simple holes in each sign board. To make extra wide signs, just use 2 or more Sooper Hinge's for any size A-Frame you need. Use in combination with Sooper Feet to keep your sign elevated and away from moisture on the ground.

  • Easily creates professional A-frame signs
  • Folds flat when not displaying
  • 14" long hinge has built-in self-lock (no ugly chains required to keep it standing)
  • Fits any board thickness ¼" and up
  • Extruded aluminum construction with black anodized finish
  • Recommended use: 1 hinge per 24 inches of width


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