MBM Triumph 4305 16-7/8" Tabletop Manual Paper Cutter - 4305, CU0450L

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16-7/8" manual cutter w/ 1-1/2" cutting height capacity - the 4305 is an all-purpose paper cutter in an economical and compact unit.
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Formerly the MBM Triumph 4205 Manual paper cutter, the new 4305 has a larger cutting surface and several great new safety features. Whether your market is quick-print, copy shop, in-plant, offset, or on-demand, Triumph makes the ideal cutter for your needs. Manufactured in Germany by MBM's parent company, IDEAL Krug & Priester, Triumph paper cutters set the world standards for safety and precision. Every Triumph model features either transparent safety guards or safety light beams and all electric models require true two-hand operation. The programmable EP models have an advanced, easy-to-operate keypad, which stores nine programs with up to nine steps each. All Triumph hydraulic models utilize precise clamping pressure for mark-free cutting of specialty stocks. The MBM 4305 Manual paper cutter features a compact size, extra large cut lever requiring minimal cutting effort and a patented lever activated fast action clamp. The MBM 4305 paper cutter also includes a spindle-guided back gauge with calibrated crank, a side guide with measuring scale, a solid steel blade carrier and is UL and C UL approved.

Although controlled by a manual lever, this cutter offers smooth and easy cutting through stacks up to about 1 ½" thick, or approximately 500 sheets * of paper. It won't strain your operators, and will offer a perfect cut. You can use this desktop paper cutter on any stable workstation, or mount it to the optional  stand or cabinet, which offers additional storage. A cutting width of up to 16 ⅞" allows your office to cut paper in the most popular sizes, making it very versatile.

MBM SCS™ Safety Cutting System Features

As with all MBM Triumph™ cutters, the 4305 paper cutter features a patented safety cutting system called the SCS™. This collection of features protects users from harming themselves while they operate the machine, making it the safest paper cutter on the market.

  •  Clear Safety Shields - Front and back clear safety shields allow you to easily see your stack of paper, the measurements, and the blade. The machine will not operate with either shield lifted, which means your hands and other items physically cannot be near the blade when cutting is activated. While cutting, the shield automatically locks into place, so cannot be opened until the blade lever is placed back into the upright position and the safety catch is locked.
  • Safety Catch - The safety catch is the mechanisms that holds the blade lever in the upright, no-cut position. This latch must be locked in order for the safety shields to be opened, and will not unlock until they are shut.
  • Blade Changing Device - A blade changing device is included in this paper cutter, which covers the cutting edge of the blade while you replace it, protecting the user. Handling knobs mean you don't have to touch the blade with your hands.
  • Cutting Stick Change from Outside - The cutting sticks can easily be rotated or changed-out without having to get inside the machine, which means anyone can do it, with or without mechanical background.
  • All Paper Adjustments Outside - With all the paper adjustments on the outside of the machine, you can accurately and easily set the measurements without having to disassemble or re-assemble the machine in any way.

*May vary depending on paper stock

MBM Triumph 4305 Paper Cutter


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