MBM Triumph 6655 25-1/2" Fully-Automatic, Fully-Programmable Electric Paper Cutter - 6655, CU0491

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25-1/2" fully-automatic programmable electric cutter w/ 3" cutting height capacity 
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With the MBM Triumph™ 6655 automatic paper cutter machine, you can produce perfectly finished, cut paper in high quantities with a quality that will impress even the pickiest of clients. The accuracy rating of this fully automatic cutter is an astounding 1/10 of a millimeter (or 1/100 of an inch). It includes an array of safety features that are a part of the world-renowned SCS™ "safety cutting system" package, so your operators (and all office staff) can rest easy knowing that they will be safe.

MBM 6655 Triumph™ cutter will cut paper up to 25 ½", as well as stacks up to 3" thick, which is a full 1 ½" ream of standard copy paper. The control panel is easy to use and understand, and has the ability to store up to a total of 99 jobs, each with up to 99 steps each and 15 repeat cuts in each step. A self-diagnostic error control system will easily display any issues that arise, so you can address them quickly and without having to figure out what the issue is manually. All-metal construction makes for an incredibly durable paper cutter, and official UL and CUL approval meet the standard safety requirements. This paper cutter is mounted onto a stand with a storage shelf and an easy-access tool holder; the stand brings the cutter to a comfortable 37" working height.

Because the settings, the back gauge, the clamp, and the blade are all automated and controlled from the control panel, there is absolutely no manual strain involved when using this stack cutter. In addition to the electric back gauge setting, you can manually set it with a knob on the front of the machine, for manual fine-tuning. When you're ready to cut, you simply close the clear safety shields and activate the process from the touch pad. Once the blade and clamp return into the up position, you can lift the shields again and set up the paper for the next cut. Offering speed, incredible accuracy, true safety, and ease-of-use, the MBM Triumph™ 6655 25 ½" automatic paper cutter is one of the best premium cutting machines on the market; perfect for high output print shops, production facilities, and much more.

MBM SCS™ Features ("Safety Cutting System")

Safety concerns are put to bed with the MBM Triumph SCS® Safety Cutter System comprehensive package that ensures the protection of users. This package includes the following features: patented EASY CUT electronic blade activation bars for true two-hand operation; IR light beam safety curtain on front table; transparent safety cover on rear table; main switch and safety lock with key; 24 volt controls (low voltage); patented IDEAL safety drive; automatic blade and clamp return from every position; disc brake for instant blade stop; blade changing device covers cutting edge of blade; blade depth adjustment from outside of machine; blade and cutting stick can be changed without removing covers.

  • Dual-Handle Activation - Both hands are required to pull down two handles to activate the clamp and blade, ensuring that your operators hands can be nowhere near the blade or clamping mechanisms.
  • Clear Safety Shields - Front and back clear safety shields allow you to easily see your stack of paper, the measurements, and the blade. The machine will not operate with either shield lifted, which means your hands and other items physically cannot be near the blade when cutting is activated. While cutting, the shield automatically locks into place, so cannot be opened until the blade lever is placed back into the upright position and the safety catch is locked.
  • Optical Cutting Line - A bright, LED optical cutting line indicates the exact position of cut and helps to perfectly position trim marks.
  • All Paper Adjustments Outside - With all the paper adjustments on the outside of the machine, you can accurately and easily set the measurements without having to disassemble or re-assemble the machine in any way.
  • Electronic Hand Wheel - The electronic hand wheel, with infinitely variable speed control, is used for manual back gauge positioning.
  • Fully Programmable - Improved touch-screen control panel can store up to 99 jobs with 99 steps per job.
  • Easy-To-Use TouchpadThe programmable control module is equipped with a multilingual touchpad for easy operation. 99 programs with 99 steps in each can be stored in memory
  • Tool Holder Convenient, drop-in tool holder is located on the rear of the machine and keeps all tools necessary for routine maintenance (including blade changes) within reach.
  • Safe Blade Changes - Blade changes can be made without removing the machine covers. The handy blade changing device covers the cutting edge of blade.


  • Type of machine: Automatic Programmable
  • Cutting Width: 25 1/2"
  • Cutting Height: 3"
  • Narrow Cut: 1"
  • Cutting Length Behind Blade: 24"
  • Motor Output, Horsepower: 2
  • Power Supply: 115V, 60Hz (20A dedicated line required for thism machine)
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 48" x 39" x 51" (61 1/2 W with side tables)
  • Shipping Weight: 772 lbs (793 lbs with side tables)
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty, excluding wearables

*May vary depending on paper stock

Spec Sheet (3.70 MB)
Op Manual (4.59 MB)

MBM Triumph 6655 Fully-Automatic, Fully-Programmable Electric Paper Cutter


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