3" Binder Rings (100 per box) - 11MLLBR300

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Silver metal loose leaf binder rings are a fun and easy way to bind paper, swatches, scrapbooks, flip charts and pop displays, home organization, crafts and gifts, home decor including curtains, and so much more. They are easily opened and closed, so make a great solution for items that need frequent editing; just pull them open and snap them closed. These book rings come together with mated curves that snap together when closed, for a very secure bind. When you buy silver metal loose leaf binding rings online, you can choose from a variety of sizes ranging from as small as 3/4" and as large as 3", each packaged with 100 rings per bag.

Our book binder rings are the best binding rings on the market, made of a high quality metal that doesn't scratch or bend. Once closed, they have a tight bind that you can tug on and won't come open - this ensures your pages (or whatever is bound) won't fall apart. To open, just push the ring snaps apart and then pull. Binder rings are just as easy to open and edit, as they are to close and bind. Durable, affordable, and fun...it's no wonder why loose leaf rings are one of our most popular products. 


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