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Banner Ups Adhesive Grommet Tabs were designed to make banner finishing easy, fast, and super-strong. In the past, Banner Finishing has required special equipment such as a sewing machine or welding machine to create a hem, and a grommet machine to install grommets. All that equipment can cost thousands of dollars. The banner maker’s only alternative (other than sending the banner out for finishing) is to fabricate using double-sided banner hem tape. The Banner Ups PowerTabs/PowerTape system is far superior to the use of banner tape.

With Banner Ups, banner finishing is easy. Simply print your banner, then peel and press to apply Banner Ups, PowerTabs, or EdgeTabs to your banner corners and you are ready to go. For light duty or indoor use, place a rope through the convenient neck loop. For outdoor strength punch a hole through the tab center hole and place rope through the hole. This can as much as triple the strength of your banner finishing when compared to grommets alone. The perfect tool for this is our Banner Ups Power Punch, a heavy duty hole punch that is specifically designed to punch a clean, properly placed hole through the tab and banner media.

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