Coil Binding Machines

Shopping online for a new binding machine can be daunting due to the sheer variety of brands and methods. However, Binding101 makes it easier than ever to find the precise model you need for your business or organization. We proudly offer a vast selection of coil binding machines made by some of the best brands in the finishing industry, such as Akiles, Rhin-O-Tuff, and James Burn. Coil binding, also known as spiral binding, is a relatively simple bookbinding method that secures the loose pages and cover of a document with plastic coils that look like springs. From tabletop to floor-standing models, we have all your needs covered in our collection of spiral binding machines.

Unlike other binding styles, coil bound books have no spinal tension and the pages rotate around with the coil. As one of the few bookbinding methods that allows pages to fold and yet still remain flat, spiral binding is an excellent choice for cookbooks, directories, instruction manuals, proposals, sales presentations, and so much more. Plastic binding coil will hold its original shape when bent, making it the most durable binding spine option available. Coil binding machines come in all shapes and sizes to suit any application, and our wide selection makes the decision-making process easier than ever before. We supply both electric and manual models, all at competitive prices. Many of the electric desktop machines we carry are budget-friendly and suitable for low-volume bookbinding.

We also supply mid-range models that are ideally suited to medium-duty workloads and heavy-duty spiral binding machines that enable you to enhance productivity, increase output, and produce cleanly bound books. Some machines come equipped with specialty pliers, so you can cut, crimp, and finish the bind in no time at all. Save time while preparing loose pages for production by investing in an automatic punching machine that can accommodate various binding styles. Don't let our competitive prices fool you. We are committed to making our online store your favorite place to buy coil binding equipment online. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help, and we can even provide recommendations based on your industry or expectations.

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